Indian Grass Point – Before and After

These are before and after sequences of various parts of Indian Grass Point.

6/10/2013  The path from the savanna, south to the prairie point


10/23/2017  same view of the path to the point


9/11/2008  Remnant bluff prairie on the point


10/16/2017  Bluff prairie on the point


5/16/2005  Aspen woods in what is now restored savanna


9/11/2008  Aspens have died and the brush is taking over


10/28/2017  Now it looks like savanna.


10/17/2017  Brushy woods between Ragwort Opening and the path – before clearing


10/26/2017  After clearing


4/23/2005  Old, open-grown oaks in Twisted Oak Savanna


12/7/17  After clearing