Hidden Oaks Point – 2016

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]

This year I did a little clearing around the edges of the bluff prairie, and cut brush and pulled weeds in the meadow.

The biggest change we made was to move the bench from out in the open on top of the point, to a place under the trees.   Here, at the beginning of the year, it’s still on the point.  It was a great spot for a view, but very hot in the summer with no protection from the sun.





4/4/2016   A small clearing project at the top edge of the woods.




4/21/2016  Photo from the drone looking north at our cleared woods, with the bluff prairie on top


4/21/2016  Another drone photo of the bluff prairie, looking north through the cleared savanna, to Armund’s Gap, the Narrows Prairie, and the Cat’s Paw Prairie


4/22/2016   Valeriana – a rare plant seedling that was given to me by a friend.  This is its second year.


4/22/2016   Sand Cress – one of the earliest spring prairie flowers


4/22/2016  Blue-eyed Grass


4/23/2016   Hill’s Thistle – another rare plant seedling – also in its second year.  I’m anxious for it to bloom – but that didn’t happen this year.


4/23/2016  We mowed most of the cleared savanna areas.


4/25/2016   Armund’s Gap



4/25/2016   Path out to the point 


4/25/2016   Birds-foot Violet


4/25/2016   Hoary Puccoon






5/7/2016   Hoary Puccoon and Blue-eyed Grass on the point


5/8/2016   There are still a few apple trees along the path between the point and Armund’s Gap.


5/18/2016   Hoary Puccoon and some of the bonsai Burr Oaks on the point.




5/19/2016   Tricolored Bumblebee


7/11/2016  Here we’d moved the bench back out of the sun.  We use it much more now – it’s a good half-way point in the walk – a place to sit and enjoy the day.


8/18/2016  This was a big year for Queen Anne’s Lace – it was a problem in most of our prairies.  I can’t do much about it – there’s too much of it in too many places.  But this is one of the spots I try to protect, so I pulled it before it could go to seed.  This is before pulling.


8/18/2016  And this is afterwards.    I also spent a few days cutting and treating raspberries and Canada Goldenrod in this area.


9/4/2016  View from the bench


9/19/2016  We’re going to have some clearing work done here this winter, so I wanted to be sure to get ‘before’ photos.  This is looking down from the point at the south-east facing slope.


9/19/2016  Another view of the south-east facing woods.


9/19/2016  And another


9/19/2016  The view into the woods from the bottom of the point.


9/20/2016  The path into Hidden Oaks from the Narrows Prairie












10/17/2016    Hidden Oaks Meadow and Armund’s Gap


11/2/2016   The wooded point from below


11/2/2016  I’ve started marking the trees that we want to keep.