Sumac Prairie – 2016

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3/24/2016  Sumac Prairie dramatically shows the changes of weather in the spring – from warm, with snow melted, to heavy snowstorms.




9/3/2016  We had hoped to be able to plant the old field below the prairie – behind the old farmhouse – this year, so Mike mowed it, and we cut down the brush and trees that were invading.  Unfortunately, the guy who came to spray it got his truck stuck in the wet spot near the old farmhouse, and spent the day pulling it out.  So the field never got sprayed, and I didn’t plant.


9/10/2016  We didn’t get up to mow the field or the savanna this year.






9/10/2016  I found Northern Flower Moths again this year – about a week earlier than the last time.   (I had looked last year, and didn’t find any.  I wonder if I looked too late and so missed seeing the adults.)


9/10/2016  Another Northern Flower Moth


9/10/2016  This is the hillside below Sumac Corner Prairie – the smaller dry prairie remnant on this same hillside.  I’ve been girdling birch and aspen here, and clearing brush, and it’s beginning to look more like savanna.


9/10/2016  This is the part of the savanna hillside that used to be a thick aspen woods.