3 Finger Valley – 2016

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main 3 Finger Valley page.]

The only changes that are happening to this prairie are in the old field at the south end, just north of our house.  I threw some extra prairie seeds in it this spring, and we hope to mow, spray and plant more prairie there in the next year or two.

3/11/2016  Looking south from the end of the middle finger.   In the spring I work in the woods above this part of the valley, spraying and pulling Garlic Mustard.  It’s the only time I see this part of the prairie.


5/2/2016  Taken from the drone – looking up the long central part of the valley to the place where the 3 fingers meet.


5/25/2016   Golden Alexanders at the south end of the prairie, along the driveway.


6/4/2016  From the drone – the path curving around into Goldenrod Valley (the eastern finger)


6/4/2016   From the drone – the place where the 3 fingers meet


9/20/2016   Path through the valley – the fallen Black Walnut makes an arch that we walk and drive under.


11/20/2016   This shows part of the old field at the south end of the valley.    It’s a small area – an acre or two.  This fall we worked on clearing the savanna hillside above it – the southeast facing slope of Indian Grass Point.  To make that easier, Mike mowed about half of the old field, so we could walk and drive the tractor around to move the piles of brush.