East Center Valley – 2015

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main East Center Valley page.]

Most of my photos from this year are of the upper prairie.  This was an old hayfield until 2010, when I  planted it into prairie.  It has been looking more diverse and more flowers have bloomed each year since then.  This year was especially good.  There were large patches of Indian Paintbrush and Wood Betony, and I was able to collect seeds from them for my next planting.

5/29/2015  Indian Paintbrush, Golden Alexander

5-29-15 1


5/29/2015  Indian Paintbrush, Wood Betony

5-29-15 2



5-29-15 3


6/16/2015   Indian Paintbrush

6-16-15 1


7/11/2015  Black-eyed Susans, Oxeye, Blue Vervain, Monarda

7-11-15 1


9/6/2015   In the fall, Canada Goldenrod still dominates

9-6-15 1


9/7/2015  Looking south – East Center Valley Prairie is on the left.  The lower prairie has much more Canada Goldenrod; the upper prairie is more diverse.

9-7-15 1


10/4/2015  This is part of the south end of the prairie which is wetter, and has more wetland vegetation.  Mike mowed it in mid-summer so I could spray the Reed Canary Grass.  About a third of the mowed area has sedges and little Reed Canary Grass.   I’ll try to avoid spraying the sedges.

10-4-15 1