Liparis loeselii – Fen Orchid

The Fen Orchid, or Green Twayblade isn’t common here at all.  I found a few plants that had gone to seed on the hill behind the old burned-out farmhouse.   I collected the seeds and scattered them in the wet end of East Center Valley, which we had just planted into prairie.  A few years later, I found them blooming.  The ones behind the farmhouse bloomed for another few years and then disappeared.

They bloom in early summer.


Liparis loeselii 6-4-07 1



Liparis loeselii 6-4-07 5


6/4/2007 Detail of flower

Liparis loeselii 6-4-07 3


8/26/2006  Plant with seed pods

Liparis loeselii 8-26-06 1


9/16/2006  This is one of the plants – with one seed pod left – behind the old farmhouse.

Liparis loeselii 9-16-06 1