Moths by Month

Each month I keep a collection of photos of the moths I see.  It’s mostly for me – so I can look back on what I found that month.  The pages are often not complete – I work on them until the next month starts, and then switch to the new month.  So, especially if it’s a busy time, some moths may get left out.  But it does give a sense of how many and what species I’m seeing.

[I’m working on making just one page for each month, with all the species I’ve ever seen in that month.  I think it will be more useful, rather than having to search through pages for each year.  I’ll post the ‘in progress’ pages next to the names of the months.  Once they’re completed, the yearly pages will go away.]

Click on a year to see the moths from that month/year, and click on any photo to see a larger image.

February Moths

March Moths

April Moths

May Moths

 June Moths

July – July Moths
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August – August Moths
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September – September Moths
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October – October Moths
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