Hidden Oaks Point 2012

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]

3/9/2012  Burr Oaks behind the bench

3-9-12 1


9/21/2012  I’m doing some clearing work on the steepest part of the point.  It’s in pretty good shape, but there are Prickly Ash and honeysuckle creeping in from the woods on both sides.

9-21-12 1


9/28/2012  Lower on the point, we’ve done more clearing, and Mike mowed again.

9-28-12 1


10/12/2012  Looking down the point

10-12-12 1


10/12/2012  West facing slope of the prairie

10-12-12 2


10/14/2012  Looking back into the savanna from the prairie

10-14-12 1


10/14/2012  This is on the lower east facing side of the point.  Mike has mowed as much as he could reach.

10-14-12 2


10/15/2012  I went in and did some clearing by hand in between the trees.  The birches have been girdled, so eventually this area will be even more open.

10-15-12 1


10/28/2012  This is the former aspen grove, before we started the next stage of clearing.

10-28-12 1 aspen grove


11/2/2012  The in-between stage.  We’ve done a lot of clearing, but not all, and there are still brush piles to move.

11-2-12 1 aspen grove project


11/10/2012  I think we’re finished with this project for this year.  It’s getting more open all the time.

11-10-12 1 aspen grove project


11/26/2012   Looking back at the savanna from the prairie

11-26-12 1



12-9-12 1