Hidden Oaks Point 2002

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]

1/28/2002  Looking down the point to 3 Finger Valley

1-28-02 1


1/28/2002  The south-east facing slope of the point

1-28-02 3


7/11/2002  The bench with Leadplant

7-11-02 1


8/6/2002  Top of the point

8-6-02 1


8/6/2002  Purple Joe-Pye Weed – a savanna species that was growing in the woods behind the prairie

8-6-02 2


8/12/2002   Mike mowed the sumac on top of the prairie

8-12-02 1


8/12/2002  More of the mowed area – looking from our path through the woods out onto the prairie

8-12-02 2


8/13/2002  Hidden Oaks Meadow   –   This year I decided to weed Queen Anne’s Lace out of the meadow.  This is before I started.

8-13-02 1


8/13/2002  Hidden Oaks Meadow after weeding.  It’s a small space, so it only took one day.

8-13-02 2


8/27/2002  Hidden Oaks Meadow with Blazing Star and Stiff Goldenrod

8-27-02 1


8/27/2002  Looking back at the woods from the mowed prairie

8-27-02 2


9/24/2002  This is the way the point looked from below – from 3 Finger Valley.  It was very thickly wooded with a big mound of sumac at the bottom.

9-24-2002 1


9/30/2002  This is our path from the prairie point, back through the woods to Hidden Oaks Meadow.  The sumac is along the entrance to the meadow.

9-30-02 1