Wetland 2010

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8/13/2010   The biggest excitement we had this year was the night that Richard’s friend Phil came to visit.  We had a hard rainstorm during the night, and when he tried to drive out the next morning, this is what he saw.  We later found out that we had gotten about 6 inches of rain in that 1 1/2 hour storm.  The creek was rushing over the driveway at the culvert, and it had also created several new channels.

8-13-10 1


8/13/2010  The view of the flooding creek from Sumac Prairie

8-13-10 2


8/13/2010  another view from above

8-13-10 3


8/13/2010  A view of the creek flowing over the driveway.  The widest stretch of water going over the driveway is an entirely new channel.

8-13-10 4


8/13/2010  The water went down within a few hours and we could inspect the damage.

8-13-10 5


8/13/2010  This new path for the creek kept flowing for a while longer.

8-13-10 6


8/13/2010   Phil – showing off the damage

8-13-10 7


8/13/2010  We finally fixed it enough that Phil could get out.

8-13-10 8


8/14/2010  The part of the planted wetland where I’m weeding Parsnip by hand.  It’s in pretty good shape now – only a few days of work to pull all the parsnip in here.

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9/5/2010  Blue Lobelia and Sneezeweed – as well as Bird’s Foot Trefoil – another invasive weed that I’m working on eliminating.

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10/25/2010  A beaver in the pond

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