Wetland 2008

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5/12/2008  There are numerous patches of Marsh Marigolds throughout the wetland.

5-12-08 1


5/12/2008  Sometime in the past one of the farmers built a wall around this large spring to make it into a pond.  It’s close to where the old farmhouse used to be.

5-12-08 2


5/12/2008  Looking down into the water you can see water bubbling up through the ground.

5-12-08 3


7/31/2008   Joe Pye Weed

7-31-08 1


8/2/2008   The hill between the road and the driveway has mostly natives except for two prominent invaders – White Sweet Clover and Queen Anne’s Lace.  This year the Sweet Clover population exploded, and I decided to try pulling it all.

8-2-08 1


8/2/2008  Here’s a pile in the gator – on the way to the compost pile.  It looks terrible, but it actually only took a few days.  When it’s this mature, I can cut the stalks off at ground level and it stops growing.

8-2-08 2


8/9/2008  The hillside without Sweet Clover – it still has a little Queen Anne’s Lace.

8-9-08 1



8-7-08 1


8/16/2008   Blue Vervain in the newly planted Parsnip Meadow

8-16-08 1


8/22/2008  Oxeye and Cup Plant

8-22-08 1


8/25/2008   Blue Vervain in Parsnip Meadow

8-25-08 1


9/6/2008   Parsnip Meadow

9-6-08 1


9/11/2008  This is the area where I’ve been weeding Parsnip by hand.  There’s definitely less parsnip this year.  This is Swamp Thistle, Sneezeweed, and Tall Sunflower.

9-11-08 1


10/18/2008  Parsnip Meadow