3 Finger Valley 2012

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3/6/2012   When we have a warm day in the early spring, the melting snow forms a creek that runs through the middle of the prairie and into the woods along the edge.     There’s less of a creek now that the prairie vegetation is so thick, but it still runs when there’s a lot of snow melting all at once.

3-6-12 1



3-6-12 2


7/26/2012  looking north, up the valley

7-26-12 1


7/28/2012   The low area along the eastern edge of the prairie – where the water runs in the spring – is a grove of Black Walnuts.  It used to have a thick stand of Giant Ragweed growing underneath.    A few years ago Mike mowed it, and I threw down seeds of plants that like damp, shady places.  Cut-leaved Coneflower is doing very well there now.

7-28-12 1


7/28/2012  American Bellflower – another plant that does well there.

7-28-12 american bellflower


9/8/2012  Looking north at the place where the 3 fingers separate.

9-8-12 1



9-8-12 2