Indian Grass Point 2013

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Indian Grass Point page.]

1/9/2013  Ridge on the top of Indian Grass Point

1-9-13 top of point 2


1/9/2013  Ridge – west-facing side

1-9-13 top of point


1/24/2013  This is the path up the hill behind the house, up to Indian Grass Point.  The photo is very deceiving – it looks fairly flat, but actually it’s a very steep hill up to the point.

1-24-13 path up front of point


2/11/2013  The point after a snowstorm

2-11-13 point



4-4-13 point


4/24/2013  The front of the point is getting more open – I’ve cleared most of the lower half.

4-24-13 front of point


4/26/2013  View from the point

4-26-13 view


6/10/2013  Looking south toward the point

6-10-13 1


6/27/2013   White Camas and Harebells

6-27-13 flowers


6/27/2013  Harebells on the point

6-27-13 prairie



7-27-13 prairie 2


9/28/2013  I decided to really work on the east-facing slope this fall.  I needed to be able to throw the cut brush down the hill, so I worked from the bottom, clearing a narrow space so I could throw things all the way down into the woods.

9-28-13 east slope initial cutting


9/28/2013  Looking north from the stripe I cleared – lots of brush yet to cut.

9-28-13 east slope north of cut


9/28/2013  Looking south from the stripe I cleared – toward the point

9-28-13 east slope south of cut


11/14/2013  This is the same slope, after clearing out sumac, raspberries and prickly ash.  Now this slope is open all the way to the point.

11-14-13 indian grass east slope - after


11/19/2013  Looking the other way – north – before clearing

11-19-13 indian grass east slope - looking north


11/19/2013  After clearing – I’ve cleared more than half way back to the northern edge of the prairie.

11-19-13 east slope after clearing


10/13/2013  Another big clearing project that Mike and I did together – on top of the ridge above the point.  (This is the same view as the earlier photo – from June 10 – looking south toward the point.)  We decided we needed some ‘before’ photos.

10-13-13 top savanna before cutting

10/13/2013  this is a similar view, after doing a day of cutting (Mike on the weedwacker, me making piles a spraying stumps.)  We liberated several big old oaks, and cleared away alot of brush.

10-13-13 top savanna after cutting


10/26/2013  Same view after we removed the brush piles.  Now it looks like a savanna!

10-26-13 savanna project 2


10/26/2013  Looking the other way – north – away from the point.  We haven’t done any clearing to the right of the path.

10-26-13 savanna project 1


11/1/2013  This is looking north – before we began clearing in that direction.

11-1-13 indian grass - west slope before cutting


11/14/2013  This is afterwards – we cleared all the way to the prairie opening that I’ve been calling Ragwort Opening.  Now it’s all one savanna area.

11-14-13 indian grass - west slope after cutting


More views of the newly opened savanna


11-10-13 after cutting



11-10-13 after cutting 2


11/20/2013  Mike standing with his tractor, and the brush pile we’ve built from this project

Mike with brush pile


11/25/2013  Another ‘after’ photo – after cutting more brush at the south end of our new savanna area.  We hope to do a little more cutting up there this fall, but that depends on the weather.

11-25-13 after looking north


12/1/2013  One last project before the snow – clearing out some of the brush between Ragwort opening and the path.

12-1-13 next to ragwort opening - after cutting


12/14/2013  That’s it for this year.  This picture shows the difference between the cleared and the uncleared sides of the path.

12-14-13 4

Here are two slide shows I did about these two projects.

This is the link to the savanna project.

This is the link to the project on the east-facing side of the point.