Indian Grass Point 2012

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Indian Grass Point page.]


2/17/2012  View of the prairie point, looking north

2-17-12 east slope 1


2/19/2012   This is a view from farther down the slope.  I’m hoping to get some of this brush cleared, so the prairie plants underneath can grow.  The brush is mostly sumac, prickly ash, and raspberries.

2-19-12 east slope


3/6/2012  I did some more clearing on the front of the point – cutting brush lower on the point – almost down to the oak woods.

3-6-12 point


4/22/2012  View of the point looking north.  Most of the open part of the remnant faces south-east.  Honeysuckle is greening up on the left, where I haven’t gotten around to clearing it yet.

4-22-12 point


8/13/2012  My cousin Joan was visiting, and we did a clearing project one day.

8-13-12 Marcie and Joan after cutting


8/13/2012   Here’s the project before we started.  Mike cut brush with the weed whacker, Joan and I cleared and piled.  Then Mike picked up the piles with the tractor, and moved them to our giant brush pile.

8-13-12 path before cutting


8/13/2-12  Here’s our finished project.

8-13-12 top of point after cutting



11/5/2012  West-facing slope of the point

11-5-12 west slope 1


11/5/2012  This is the brush pile at the base of the steepest part of that slope.  I think the cows used to graze there, so there aren’t many interesting plants, and I decided it would be a good spot to throw the brush I cut.  It makes it easy to dispose of – I just throw it down the hill.  Now, after a few years, the pile is covered with raspberries, and I’m sure it shelters numerous small animals during the winter.

11-5-12 west slope brush pile


11/15/2012  I’m pushing farther north on this slope – there’s still prairie growing under the brush, so it’s worth clearing.

11-15-12 lower west slope before cutting


11/25/2012  The same slope, after cutting away the brush.

11-25-12 lower west slope after work


11/26/2012  The east-facing slope – I’m working more slowly on this side.

11-26-12 east slope


11/29/2012   Looking north along the path.  The area in the foreground is cleared – there’s still a lot left to work on!

11-29-12 looking north




More views of slopes being cleared.

11/30/2012 – top of the west slope

11-30-12 west slope  


12/8/2012  East slope

12-8-12 east slope after cutting


As I was clearing along the lower part of the west-facing slope, I discovered an area that I’d never seen before.  It’s a little hollow in the hillside, facing west, with big old oaks, and not much growing underneath them.  I’m calling it Lost Hollow – it’s a remnant savanna.

11/17/2012   Here’s the entrance to it – from the place where I was working.

11-17-12 1 looking in


11/17/2012  Walking down the path, there’s an open area with a little brush, but mostly just big old oaks.

11-17-12 2


11/17/2012  This is one of the old oaks.  The holes were made by a Pileated Woodpecker.   There aren’t any fresh holes, and some of the old ones have almost completely grown over.

11-17-12 2 burr oak


11/17/2012  Looking west from the hollow

11-17-12 4