Indian Grass Point 2011

We’ve started to do a lot of clearing work on this point.  It’s close to the house, so it doesn’t take long to get there, and we go through it a lot on our regular walks.  Every time we walk by we’re rewarded by the changes we’ve made.

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Indian Grass Point page.]

2/5/2011 – too snowy to do any work yet.

2-5-2011 looking north


5/8/2011  I’ve been clearing the west-facing slope by hand – climbing up on my knees, clipping brush and spraying the stumps with herbicide.  It’s so steep that we can’t possibly mow it.  This is the upper part of the slope – it’s newly cleared.

5-8-2011 top of western slope


5/26/2011  I’ve been working on the lower part of the slope for a few years, so there are prairie plants coming back.

5-26-2011 1 western slope


5/26/2011  Lots of Wild Columbine

5-26-2011 columbine


10/21/2011  The upper part of the western slope, late in the year.  These birches have all been girdled, and most are dead, but it takes them a while to fall.  Thick brush still crowds out the prairie under the farther birches.

10-21-11 western slope


10/28/2011  View from the point, over Center Valley

10-28-11 view from point


10/31/2011  The prairie point, looking north

10-31-11 looking north


10/31/2011  More of the western slope – this was cleared in the spring.

10-31-11 west slope


11/21/2011   This is what the brush that I’m cutting looks like before it’s cut.

11-21-11 west slope 2


11/21/2011  After brush cutting

11-21-11 west slope 3


11/21/2011  After brush cutting

11-21-11 west slope 4



11/21/2011  View of the whole west-facing slope – all of this has been cleared by hand, and the prairie is starting to come back.

11-21-11 west slope


11/21/2011  The opposite side of the point – facing east.  This is also prairie, and I’m slowly clearing the brush here too.

11-21-11 west slope 5


12/11/2011  Snow on the point

12-11-11 west slope