Original Homestead Documents

These are copies of the original land grants given in the 1800s.  Our land was granted to two people: Carl Lähn, and Hermann Gunther.

Herman Gunther (sometimes spelled Hermann or Guenther) was granted 5 parcels, one 160 acres, two 40 acres, and two 55 acres.  The first was granted in October 1872, and the last in June 1879.







Carl Lähn was granted one 160 acre parcel in 1883.  Carl Lähn was the great (I don’t know how many ‘greats’) grandfather of our neighbor Emmett Rutchow.  Lähns owned our farm up through Emmett’s childhood, although by then the spelling of their name had been changed to Laehn (pronounced lane).  Laehn Ridge Road, at the top of Praag Valley is named after them.