Old Survey Maps

The earliest surveys done in this area were by the federal General Land Office, and they drew the maps and established the grid which is still used today.  The grid consists of six-mile square townships, each divided into 36 one-mile square sections.   The information about these early surveys is now online, and is available through the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands through the University of Wisconsin library system.

Our land was surveyed in 1848 and 1852.  The 1848 survey established the township lines, and the 1852 survey marked the section lines within the townships.

Here’s the surveyors’ map of Township 22N, Range 11W.   (Click on the map to see a larger version.)  We’re in section 3.

plat map t22n r11w


Here’s a detail of Section 3.  You can see Little Waumandee Creek running through our property.

detail t22n r11w sec 3


The northern part of our land is on this map – Township 23 north, Range 11 west.  We’re in section 34.

plat map t23n r11w


A detail of section 34.  We’re in the south-eastern part of the section.  It’s mostly the tops of hills, so there aren’t any interesting landscape features.

detail t23n r11w sec 34


Here are the boundaries of our farm in the 2009 plat book.  Section 3 (T22N-R11W) at the bottom, and Section 34 (T23N-R11W) at the top.

farm boundaries 2009 plat book