Pat’s Prairie 2002

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7/8/2002   The prairie flowers started blooming this year, through the weeds.  Black-eyed Susans with Fleabane – a native annual weedy species.


7/11/2002  Pat’s Prairie looking down from the Knife Edge Point – lots of Fleabane


7/11/2002  Path through the prairie – with fleabane


7/11/2002  Looking the other way – south toward the road


7/13/2002  We mowed again this year, in mid-summer – because there were so many weeds.


But there were flowers too.

8/12/2002  Canada Tick-trefoil, Wild Rye, and Black-eyed Susan


Black-eyed Susan, Blue Vervain


Black-eyed Susan and Oxeye




View from the Knife Edge Point



10/15/2002  looking south across the road

10-15-02 1