Knife Edge Prairie 2000

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This is the first photo I have of the Knife Edge Prairie.  We had just bought the farm, and were trying to take photos of all the different places.  We found the Knife Edge Prairie by accident.  We knew about the narrow ridge of the Knife Edge, so Mike decided to try to mow a path from the back field (now the Cat’s Paw Prairie), out to the ridge.  On the way, he came to a place where there were prairie grasses and not many trees.

This is what he saw.

He skipped mowing that section so we could figure out what was going on.  When I looked, I realized that the open area was prairie, and there were more prairie plants growing under all the low brush and small trees in the surrounding area.

Barb Delaney, a botanist friend, came to visit and we walked around making a list of plants on the property.


Summer 2000   The point – with kids

2000 with kids