3 Finger Valley – 2007

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7/6/2007  Lots of Oxeye this year


7/27/2007  Oxeye and Yellow Coneflower


7/27/2007   This year we didn’t mow under the walnuts – we wanted to see what came up.  There was much less Giant Ragweed.


8/6/2007  The white flowers are Fleabane  (Erigeron sp.) – a weedy native.


8/6/2007   And American Bellflower came up and bloomed – the seeds were ones I planted in 2005.


8/6/2007   American Bellflower


8/6/2007  Looking south




8/6/2007  We also mowed the wet places in the main valley – to give last years seeds a chance.  The mowed area in the middle of the photo is our walking path, but on the right, along the trees, is one of the mowed areas.