Narrows Prairie 2008

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5/17/2008   Dandelions still bloom everywhere, before the prairie plants come up.  They’re especially visible in the path.  But once the prairie flowers come up, we don’t see them.


5/18/2008   The problem that’s emerging in this prairie, is aspen sprouts.  There are mature aspens all along both the north and south edges of the prairie.  The farmer mowed these prairies for years, so I’m sure the clones have sent their roots out into the field, but the sprouts kept getting mowed off.  Now that we’re not mowing as much, they’re coming back.  In some places, they’re the only plant we see.   I’m girdling the mature aspens on the south side, which is our land.  But there’s not much we can do on the north side, where the land belongs to our neighbor.


7/28/2008   We’re also going to try mowing.  Here’s the first try.


7/6/2008  Oxeye blooming








7/18/2008  Oxeye with Queen Anne’s Lace


8/10/2008  Even more Queen Anne’s Lace


8/10/2008   Some areas have more prairie grasses.  This one also has Purple Prairie Clover and Yellow Coneflower.


8/10/2008   Purple Prairie Clover, Oxeye, Junegrass and Side-oats Grama