Tetracis cachexiata – White Slant-Line

Caterpillar foods: many recorded hosts including alder, birch, Prunus sp., willow, linden, elm, viburnum, fir, hickory, larch, pine, spruce  (Bugguide)

5/20/2012  On a yellow iris blossom (in the yard around where the old farmhouse used to be)


6/7/2013 – came to UV lights

Tetracis cachexiata 6-7-13 1



Tetracis cachexiata 6-7-13 2


8/21/2018  Larva found on Black Cherry






9/8/2018  Pupa – kept over the winter in the frig; taken outside at the end of March 2019



6/8/2019  Adult female emerged (She may have emerged a day or so ago – but I saw her today.)


6/8/2019  By the time I saw her, she was dumping eggs.

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