Smerinthus cerisyi – One-eyed Sphinx

Hodges # 7822

Caterpillar foods:  pear, plum, poplar, willow  (Bugguide)



5/20/2011 – female ;  I put her in a paper bag, and she laid eggs.


5/23/2011  eggs


6/4/2011  early instar caterpillar;  I fed the caterpillars on Aspen  (Populus tremuloides).


6/13/2011 later instar caterpillar


6/27/2011 two later instar caterpillars


I kept the pupae outside all winter, inside a clay flowerpot, buried in the ground and covered with a clay saucer.  I took it out of the ground at the end of March 2012.


4/23/2012 – The first of the pupae hatched.


Other adults at lights







5/11/2017 – Male – males hold their abdomens curled up, females hold them straight



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