Apantesis phalerata – Harnessed Tiger Moth

Hodges # 8169

Caterpillar foods:  clover, cord grass, corn, dandelion, plantain  (Bugguide)

Identification of this species is difficult without dissection.  According to J.D.Roberts “There are no 100% diagnostic characteristics..to reliably distinguish nais/carlotta/phalerata/vittata.”  But using several characteristics together, it’s possible to make a pretty good guess.

From Chris Schmidt: “Can usually be distinguished by a combination of a ‘faded’ pinkish hindwing, discrete hindwing spots, and more elongate triangular forewing markings (and more elongate forewing shape overall).”







8/12/2011  probable ID confirmed by Les Ferge


8/15/2014  probable ID confirmed by Les Ferge

Apantesis phalerata 8-15-14 9

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