Glyptocera consobrinella

Hodges # 5745

Caterpillar foods:  Viburnum lentago, maple, and possibly other Viburnum  (Bugguide)

Information on the life cycle, larval and pupal stages by H.H. Neunzig, Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society 45(2), 1991, 112-116:  larvae form tubes of frass and silk on leaves of host;  feeding occurs along edges of leaves that are curled around the frass tube: frequently the last pair of leaves of a shoot;  older larvae make a shelter of silked-together leaf fragments and frass

6/17/2011  ID confirmed by Hugh McGuinness

Glyptocera consobrinella 6-17-11 9



Glyptocera consobrinella 6-2-15 1



Glyptocera consobrinella 6-2-15 2



Glyptocera consobrinella 6-11-14 1

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