Depressaria radiella – Parsnip Webworm Moth

Family Depressariidae   Hodges # 0922

(Formerly Depressaria pastinacella)

Caterpillar foods:  host plants containing furanocoumarin – including Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) and Heracleum. (Information from the Berenbaum Laboratory at the University of Illinois)

Introduced from Europe – first detected in North America in 1869.  I keep hoping these caterpillars will eat enough Wild Parsnip – also an invader from Europe – to control its population.  So far I don’t see much of an effect.

6/26/2011  Caterpillar on its “nest” on Wild Parsnip


6/26/2011   Nest in the flowers of Wild Parsnip


6/26/2011  Another nest with the addition of aphids and their attending ants.


7/20/2011 – Adult moth