Journal for December 26, 2006

We didn’t get much snow after all – just enough to dust the driveway and the open fields.

Now that we have two weather stations I’m more aware of the differences between the weather conditions at the tops and the bottoms of the bluffs. There’s not much snow at the bottom of the valley – barely enough to cover the driveway and a few sprinkles on the ground.

But on top of the hills the ground is covered – if the snow stays until next week I’ll be able to start planting.

I took a long walk to some of the places I don’t get to as often in the winter. Here’s Stargrass Opening in the snow.

And the path on the way to Sumac Prairie is looking very snowy.

These are some aspen that I had girdled a few years ago on Sumac Corner Prairie – we’d better get busy logging!

It’s nice having a little snow because we start to see animal tracks. I wish I were better at identifying the animals that make them. Here are some tracks that went along our driveway, and then followed my woodland path up to the top of Sumac Ridge.

I found a Jelly Fungus growing on a small tree in the woods. It was frozen and partly covered with snow, but after I brought it inside and thawed it out it turned back into its jelly-like texture. I think it’s the species that’s called Witches’ Butter (Tremella mesenterica).