Journal for October 25, 2006

This week we got another dusting of snow – just enough to stick on the rocks behind the house and on the fallen trees in the woods. It melted quickly, but it’s still cloudy and cold and gray.

I’m about half finished putting in the stakes for this winter’s planting on Western Prairie. It’s fun working up there – it’s so high, and there’s a great view of sky and the tops of the surrounding hills.

I wish there was one place where I could stand and see all of Western Field. There’s one high spot in the middle where I can see almost to the south end, and if I turn around I can see the north end. Here are two photos taken from that spot.

This is looking south across the part of the field that I’ll plant this winter, and beyond it to the part I planted last winter.

This is looking north across Clif’s cornfield. Next winter, after he harvests his soybeans, we’ll plant prairie on that end of the field.

When we finish planting that field, all our cropland will have been planted in prairie!

We did a little more clearing on Indian Grass Point. The powertrac is great for moving big piles of brush. I make piles close to where we’re working, and then Mike can use the powertrac to add them to our big pile in the woods.

Here’s a new view of the area we’ve cleared on the top of the point.

The photos don’t really show how much more open it is than when we started. Eventually, I hope I can do some “before” and “after” photos to really show the difference.

I saw the first Golden Eagles of the season on October 21st – a few weeks earlier than usual. Two juveniles were circling over the Narrows Prairie.