Journal for February 3, 2020

This last month has been exceptionally gray and cloudy.  The local weather folks are saying that this is one of the longest stretches of cloudy weather in January since records have been kept.  We were so pleased to see the sun reappear a few days ago!

Sunrise at the creek – before the clouds took over.


Sunrise in the creek


Then the clouds arrived – view of Center Valley from Indian Grass Point


The dry prairie on Indian Grass Point.  There are still some birch stumps standing from when I girdled the trees – they’re favorite nesting spots for chickadees.


This is a view I don’t see very often – Indian Grass Point from above the Frog Pond.  The bare spots on the point are places that we’ve worked on – clearing brush and invasives.  On top is the west-facing slope that’s now a prairie hillside.  On the right is the savanna hillside just above the house.  There’s still more work to do – much more of this slope could be returned to prairie.


Northern Shrike


Bobcat on one of the trail cameras


This is a favorite spot for the deer to gather, which means lots of battles.


Clouds over the creek


Finally the clouds rolled away


Maple Ridge with sun!


The creek with Pine Point and Big View Prairie beyond.