Journal for April 2003

Chickadees and Nuthatches have both found the feeders.  Still have quite a few juncos, but not so many as last week, and not such large flocks.

A turkey was spreading his tail to show off for his mate in the field – eastern Center Valley field.

One Ruby Crowned Kinglet in the shrubs along the west side of the house, and lots of turkeys in the woods.

Saw a pair of Northern Harriers in the fields above – hunting and being chased by crows.

Downy Woodpeckers also found the suet.

4/13 & 4/14/03
Mike mowed the top of the bluff behind Indian Grass Prairie – opened it up a lot.  And we mowed a firebreak along the top of the Knife Edge.  We saw lots of turkeys – males displaying and the males and females chasing each other – they really can run fast.

I saw my first red admiral of the year, first phoebe, and heard wood frogs calling in the ditch along the old road, and in the big spring pond.  We saw both Tree Swallows and Bluebirds checking out our houses – but no one has moved in yet.

Hot!  85 degrees today.

I visited the frogs in Torks’ pond – wood frogs calling.  I sat down near the pond and watched and listened to them.  There are lots of frogs in our pond too, but not calling.  Also saw several blue darners – the first dragonfly of the season.

The kids are here for the first time since the house was finished – they like it.  We finished their room with some basket chairs, and we’ll watch a movie there tonight – it looks much more lived in up there.  A Cardinal and a goldfinch have found the feeders this week.  There are still lots of juncos in the feeder, although fewer in the fields.

Blue Jays and White Throated Sparrows have found the feeders.  The Eastern Towhee is back.  And the tree Swallows are hanging out on the birdhouses – hopefully they’ll decide to move in.  I saw Brown Thrashers in the thicket near the Y.