Journal for January 2003

The house is nearly done – really!  On Tuesday we’ll go down and do the final walk-through with Perry.  The stove and dishwasher may be in, and we don’t know yet whether the countertops in the bathrooms will be there – there was debate about whose job it was to do them, so they were delayed.  But it’s nearly finished, and on Tuesday we should be able to start moving things up from the wood shop, where we’ve been storing everything.  We have one more truck load – from the storage place in Durand.  Now we’d like to be able to stay there more.  Hopefully we’ll get the kids to come down with us for a weekend sometime soon.

The moving is done, I think.  We moved most of the furniture up from the basement last week, and this week we moved the frig and all the alternative energy stuff from the storage place – what a lot of work!  The counters are finished, and all the plumbing works.  The in-floor heat and the hot water will get hooked up next week, and then I think it will be completely done.  It looks so nice.  We keep wandering around and admiring.  It feels like a museum – so clean and plain and light.  Mike is doing some consulting in Texas a few days a week, so we’d like to start coming down Sunday and Monday (to be able to stay overnight!), and then I may come down some Thursdays to work on projects on my own.  It’s so enticing – I want to be there all the time.