Journal for December 8, 2005

It’s definitely winter. It snowed nearly constantly this week, with just a little sunshine in between the clouds.

Here are some very snowy prairies.

The Narrows Prairie

The Knife Edge Prairie

This is a huge old dead oak tree that’s a great spot for woodpeckers – I like the way the branches look against the sky.

As we drove along the valley on the way to the farm, we saw 15 Bald Eagles circling above the trees near the road. We see lots of Eagles at this time of year. I think they probably find dead deer that the hunters have missed.

Since hunting season is over, for the moment, I walked up onto the prairies on top of our hills. I watched a Pileated Woodpecker cling to a grapevine and gobble down some grapes.

I thought I’d try eating some grapes myself and discovered that frozen wild grapes are much sweeter than they are before they freeze. No wonder the birds like them so much.

I planted the wetland seeds in the areas we sprayed this fall. It was sunny and the snow was very sparkly. It was near zero but in the sun, and with warm clothes on, it felt warm.