Journal for March 11, 2019

We’ve had another month of cold and snow, but the forecast for the next few days is for temperatures in the 40s and an inch of rain.  We’re hoping that means spring is on its way!

Just before the snow came, we checked the creek just downstream from us, where we removed an old beaver dam last fall.  The beavers haven’t rebuilt – I think they’ve moved upstream – hopefully to a more isolated spot.


The beavers have been working on some of the trees along our part of the creek.  Mostly we don’t mind, but we decided to protect this one – it grows right next to our driveway and provides shade and camera support.  So far the fencing has deterred the beavers.


Since the middle of January we’ve had snowstorm after snowstorm.  Mike is having trouble finding places to put the snow – our driveway has gotten very narrow and the sides keep getting higher.


When the sides are that high, and the wind blows, the driveway fills with drifts.


Here’s the Y – where two parts of the driveway come together.  Mike plowed it one day, then we had a day of blowing snow.  The next day it was completely impassable, with more than a foot of drifted snow – we couldn’t even walk through it.


The snowblower is getting a lot of exercise this winter.


Snowblower snowing


The pile under the solar panels is so high that I have to shovel the top off whenever I clear the panels, so there’s enough room for the new snow.


When the snowblower goes by, the blowing snow falls into the creek and freezes the surface.


The banks of the creek are growing into snow cliffs.


The deer are having trouble with the deep snow too.


This coyote is following a deer trail.


Wild Turkeys


This bobcat is walking on top of the snow.


I’ve been finding Promethea cocoons in some of our small Wild Black Cherry trees.  The adult moths will emerge in early summer.


This is the Bald Eagle tree at the top of Maple Ridge – with a pair of Bald Eagles keeping watch on the valley.