Journal for January 2001

We snowshoed in; a great success.  Visited Big View Prairie and came down Fern Valley Trail.  We also visited Beaver Lake; the beavers have made a dam about 5 feet high using all the mud from the bulldozer that Dave Tork’s guy ran over our wetland.  The lake is huge.

Snowshoes again.  We went up the bluff to Sumac Prairie and discovered a new prairie area on the SW corner of that bluff.  It looks like it has some sweet clover, but a great view.  We also investigated Pine Point Field and the area down to the creek.  There’s a new spring, right at the edge of our property.  It seems to be surrounded by sedge meadow.  And above that, along the western edge of the field, is a little mesic prairie with Big Bluestem, Yellow Coneflower, and Monarda.  It will be fun to see it in the summer.