Cecropia caterpillars – August 3, 2005

The cecropias are getting bigger, but I’ve lost track of which instar they are. After the third, they look the same to me.

Here’s a photo that was taken last week, so it may be a 4th instar.

And here’s one that was taken this week – maybe an older, bigger 4th instar, or a 5th instar.

The biggest ones are about 2 inches long, and they’re eating a lot more.

I still have lots of caterpillars – I’m trying to give them away so I don’t have to take care of so many. I’ve given away several dozen, but I just counted, and I have 76 left! They’re in 5 cages, each with about 15 caterpillars – hopefully that will be enough room for all of them.