Journal for February 23, 2014

We finally got a big snowstorm – bringing a power outage (fortunately only an hour and a half), 30 MPH winds, and 8 inches of heavy wet snow.  We have a lot of snow on the ground, but most of it has come from small storms – this is the first big one this year.

Sara and Chuck came before the storm so we got some walking and picture taking in before it hit.

Sara at the Big View Prairie bench – the seat was covered with snow, so we sat on the arms.

sara on bench


The view from Big View Prairie

praag valley


Sara, coming down through the woods



Chuck returning after a morning of photographing (from one of the wildlife cameras)

chuck with snowshoes


Chuck had a great time taking photos, including this wonderful panorama of our house.



Then the snow came.

snow 2-20-14


The next morning, as the clouds rolled away

after the storm


Blue skies after the storm

after the storm 2


The snow was so heavy that all the willows were bent down, and some of the less flexible trees were broken.

bent willows


The wetland and Big View bluff

center valley


This is the view from our kitchen window.  The snow pile is from snow falling off the roof – snow from the whole winter, not just this storm.

snow pile 2-21-14


Mike plowed the driveway so Chuck and Sara could drive out, but by the next day it had drifted in again.

snowed in


More of the driveway

snowed in 2


The creek above the beaver dam



Mike got to play with his snowblower a lot for a few days.

more snowblowing 1



snowblowing 2-22-14 2


I got caught in the snow plume trying to get a picture.

snowblowing 2-22-14 3


Snowy trees in 3 Finger Valley

snowy trees 2-22-14 1



snowy trees 2-22-14 2



snowy trees 2-22-14 4


Early morning sun shining on the ridge

sun on the hill 1-22-14 2


A mink on the beaver dam

mink 2-11-14


Northern Flicker

flicker 2-15-14 2


We startled a Barred Owl as we were coming back from a walk yesterday.  It flew up from the ditch beside the driveway and then settled down behind a thicket of branches.

Barred Owl 2-23-14


Chuck took two nice photos of us.

Mike in the tractor

chucks photo


Me with Tansy

chucks photo 2