Journal January 10, 2005

A perfect weekend for planting. I planted 13 more sections, so I’ve planted 39 and the septic system field by the house. I only have 10 more sections to go – one more weekend.
We saw two coyotes in Center valley – walking down one side, and up the other, hunting for small things in the snow. Then when I walked, I saw many coyote tracks – for the first time more coyote tracks than deer tracks.

I also saw a large flock of Wild Turkeys in the Narrows Prairie, at least 20 birds who all took off with a great flurry of wings when they saw me. There were several grouse along Willow road, and a small flock of about 8 Common Redpolls at the feeders.

Mike has been working hard on his chest of drawers. It’s almost finished – this weekend he worked on drawer fronts and drawer pulls. It’s going to be beautiful.