Journal for June 15, 2013

This is the time of year when there are too many things to do, and too many pictures to take.   I collect loads of photos, and don’t write blog posts.  So this post is mostly photos.

All the spring and summer flowers seem to be blooming at once.

Wild Columbine



Cream Wild Indigo

cream wild indigo


Fringed Puccoon – growing on the slope of Indian Grass Point.  It’s an area I’ve been working on clearing of brush, and I hadn’t seen this species there before.

fringed puccoon


Golden Alexanders

golden alexanders


Jacob’s Ladder

jacobs ladder


Lily-leaved Twayblade – a native orchid

Liparis lilifolia


Wild Lupine



Prairie Phlox



Hoary Puccoon on Hidden Oaks Point.  This is a slope I cleared a few years ago – a great success.

puccoon on hidden oaks


Rue Anemone

rue anemone


Wild Black Cherry

wild black cherry


Wild Geranium

wild geranium


Wild Plum

wild plum


Yellow Lady’s-slipper

yellow ladys slipper


Yellow Stargrass

yellow stargrass


Some great animals have been showing up – some on the wildlife cameras, some we’ve actually seen.

This was one of two baby badgers that I startled when I walked down Indian Grass Point one day.  Fortunately their mother wasn’t around.

badger baby


Black Bear on the Dugway – wildlife camera

bear 6-7-13 1


These two came wandering along just behind the house.

doe and fawn 6-14-13


Fawn wading in the Frog Pond

fawn 6-3-13


A baby Snapping Turtle we found crawling on the driveway.

snapping turtle


And a beautiful little Brown Snake – also on the driveway.

brown snake


The butterflies are out too.

Dusted Skipper

Atrytonopsis hianna 6-10-13 1


Eastern Tailed-blue

eastern tailed blue 2


Eastern Tailed-blue  –  the males have beautiful blue upper wings

eastern tailed blue


Gorgone Checkerspot

Gorgone Checkerspot


Mourning Cloak

mourning cloak


Northern Crescents

northern crescents


Hobomok Skipper

Poanes hobomok 6-10-13 1


We built a new moth set-up for me, so I can have lights on and photographs moths even when it’s raining.  (Since it’s been raining for weeks, I’ve been using it a lot!)

new moth set up


Here are some of the moths that have visited recently.

Modest Sphinx – showing off its pink hindwings

Pachysphinx modesta 6-7-13 1


Refracted Metarranthis

Metarranthis refractaria 6-12-13 1


Black-dotted Maliattha

Maliattha synochitis 6-12-13 1


Dimorphic Bomolocha

Hypena bijugalis 6-12 13 1


Badwing – named because in the days when everyone killed and pinned moths, it was difficult to pin

Dyspteris abortivaria 6-13-13 1


Walnut Sphinx

Amorpha juglandis 6-12-13 1


And my Giant Silkworm Moths are finally hatching.


Actias luna 6-8-13 1






Io – female

io - female


Io – male

Io male


And some mushrooms – we’ve seen a lot of them after all the wet weather.

These are my favorites – tiny – the largest cap was less than 1/2 inch across.   Coral Spring Mycena

Mycena acicula - Coral Spring Mycena 6-8-13



mushrooms 2


a bolete – has pores rather than gills






Ferns in the woods

ferns in the woods


Thunder clouds over Praag Valley

Praag Valley clouds


And Mike’s driveway – he’s very proud of it.  He’s been trying to level it, and re-find the gravel.  It’s looking pretty good – our place doesn’t look abandoned when you look in from the road anymore.

Mike's driveway