Northern New Brunswick

We spent a few days in northern New Brunswick, waiting for Hurricane Kyle to move through. Kyle was heading up the Atlantic coast toward Nova Scotia and we didn’t think our camper could survive the high winds of a hurricane.

Fortunately Kyle was only a category 1 storm when it hit, and lost momentum rapidly after that. We had some rain, but not as much as we expected, and no wind at all.

We stayed at Sugarloaf Provincial Park, right outide of Campbellton, New Brunswick. The woods were full of beautiful fall color, and there were walks to beautiful views – but it was so foggy and rainy that we couldn’t see much and didn’t take many pictures.

This is Sugarloaf Mountain – taken from the Walmart parking lot. The mountain is most of the park. There are trails around it and up to the top, where there is supposed to be a beautiful view of the city and the bay. (We didn’t walk up, since we wouldn’t have been able to see anything.)

A small lake at the foot of the mountain

The path around the mountain

Wet woods

The camper in the rain

Here’s the sky, finally lightening after the hurricane.

As we left the park the next day, the sun was shining on the hills on the north side of the St. Lawrence River.

A blueberry field in southern New Brunswick, on the way to the Bay of Fundy.