Journal for January 29, 2007

We just got back from the southern tip of Florida – after a three day marathon drive. We went from a temperature of 85 degrees above zero the day before we left Florida, to 15 degrees below zero at the farm. Exactly 100 degrees difference.

But it’s wonderful to be home. And winter here is beautiful – there’s fresh snow, and frost on all the plants along the creek. It took the birds less than an hour to discover that the feeders were full again, and I’ve already seen a Northern Shrike hunting in Pat’s Prairie, and a juvenile Golden Eagle flying over.

Pat’s Prairie

I’ve decided to make a new category on the main blog page for stories about our travels. Scroll down the right side of the page, and under “Travels” you’ll see links to each of the recent trips we’ve taken.   It always takes me a while to edit and sort through all the photos so I’ll put up the stories as I finish them.