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Favorite Photo – Common Whitlow Grass

These flowers are the first ones to bloom on our remnant bluff prairies.   They’re tiny – each plant is only about an inch tall.  They’re annuals, and they grow in the hottest, sandiest, steepest places.  The common name is Common Whitlow Grass, even though it’s not a grass – it’s in the Mustard family.  This photo was taken on April 1, 2010.

Favorite Photo – Indian Grass Point with Snow

This is on the south-west facing slope of Indian Grass Point – one of our bluff prairie remnants.  It’s right behind our house, so I can get to it easily, and I’ve been working hard on clearing out the brush and exposing the prairie plants that are growing under it.  The bark of these birches has been girdled, so they should die this year, making the point even more open.  The slope is very steep – I do all the work while on my knees.  The photo was taken in February, 2010.