Since 2010 I’ve been observing and learning about the moths we have here at the farm.  There are so many species that I’ve had to think hard about how to organize my list.

I’ve organized them first by family.  Each photo on this page is a link to a page of the moths I’ve seen in that family.  Each family page has photos of the species I’ve seen from that family, each of which is a link to a page with more photos and information on that species.

The photos are mine, and were all taken here, at our farm, in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.

I’ve had a lot of help with identifications – mostly from the wonderful folks at Bugguide, Moth Photographers Group, and the Facebook Groups: Mothing and Moth-watching, and Moths of Eastern North America.  I’ve tried to identify the moths correctly, but I’m sure I’ve made mistakes.  If you find any, please let me know.

I’m gradually adding Hodges numbers to the pages for each moth.  Hodges numbers come from a checklist of North American moths by R.W. Hodges, published in 1983.  They’re commonly used to organize and label moths.  I’m organizing my photos alphabetically, by family, genus, and species, rather than by Hodges number, but I’ll (eventually) include the Hodges number on each species page, so it can be used in a search.

To see photos of the moths I see each month, click HERE.

8 Responses to Moths

  1. Sue Cloutier says:

    Super collection of photos!

  2. marcie says:

    Thanks Sue! It’s a fun project.

  3. Linda J. Peterson says:

    We ALWAYS find mother nature fascinating, our recent accidental moth sightings in Wisconsin opened our eyes to the variety and beauty of MOTHS, APPARENTLY ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!! We enjoyed the moth night at Grinnell (Friday night) , thanks for the link to your collection, BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. marcie says:

    Thanks Linda, I’m glad you came!

  5. Moni says:

    Love the way you have organized and labeled your moths! Have been trying to figure out how to organize mine and that is one way to organize at least one photo of each species. Helps for ID’s in the future. That is a winter project!

    Enjoyed your NMW blog…you really found some cool looking and very unusual moths! We mostly saw the standard ones, but that is thru my eyes not the folks who got to see them for the first time. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Marci Hess says:

    Really nice work with these photos and layout!!!

  7. Jan Lageson says:

    Great photos Marci.

  8. marcie says:

    Thanks Jan!

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