Since 2010 I’ve been observing and learning about the moths we have here at the farm.  There are so many species that I’ve had to think hard about how to organize my list.

I’ve organized them first by family.  Each family on this page has a link to a page of the moths I’ve seen in that family.  Each family page has photos of the species I’ve seen from that family, each of which is a link to a page with more photos and information on that species.

The photos are mine, and were all taken here, at our farm, in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.

I’ve had a lot of help with identifications – mostly from the wonderful folks at Bugguide, Moth Photographers Group, and the Facebook Groups: Mothing and Moth-watching, and Moths of Eastern North America.  I’ve tried to identify the moths correctly, but I’m sure I’ve made mistakes.  If you find any, please let me know.

To see photos of the moths I see each month, click HERE.

Family Acrolophidae

Family Amphisbatidae

Family Bombycidae

Family Cosmopterigidae

Family Cossidae

Family Crambidae

Family Depressariidae

Family Drepanidae

Family Erebidae

Family Euteliidae

Family Gelechiidae

Family Geometridae

Family Glyphidoceridae

Family Gracillariidae

Family Lasiocampidae

Family Limacodidae

Family Noctuidae

Family Nolidae

Family Notodontidae

Family Oecophoridae

Family Psychidae

Family Pterophoridae

Family Pyralidae

Family Saturniidae

Family Sphingidae

Family Thyrididae

Family Tineidae

Family Tortricidae

Family Uraniidae

Family Yponomeutidae

Family Zygaenidae